Through close cooperation between attorneys at law well-versed in both technology and intellectual property law and patent attorneys with extensive prosecution experience, NEXEL offers complete solutions for our clients in all phases of intellectual property matters, from prosecution to enforcement. Our unique services focused on maximizing profit and minimizing cost offer benefits to both large corporations having their own intellectual property department as well as small companies and startup enterprises.


Pre-filing Consultation

Consultations on inventions and possibility of acquisition of rights, necessity of filing an application, and application strategy


National applications, foreign applications, PCT applications, and responses to subsequent office actions in relation to patents, utility models, designs and trademarks

Patent Search

Novelty searches, patent clearances, invalidity searches, intellectual property due diligence

Expert Opinion

Expert opinions on infringement and invalidity


Litigation in relation to patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, copyright, and unfair competition.


License negotiations, counterfeiting countermeasures, customs clearance


Patent Prosecution in Accordance with Objectives

We perform patent prosecution to cater to a variety of client backgrounds, needs and objectives, such as to counter a specific competitor, promote new business, or secure an advantageous position in licensing negotiations. Our firm's strength lies in our patent attorneys’ experience in intellectual property enforcement, including infringement litigation, licensing negotiation and invalidation appeals, which we use to guide our prosecution practice.

Infringement litigation representation characterized by close coordination between our attorneys and patent attorneys

Our attorneys at law and patent attorneys operate as a team to work closely with our clients throughout the litigation process and gain a thorough understanding of the technologies involved in the litigation. This deep understanding regarding the technical aspects allows us to construct effective infringement and/or invalidation arguments that pave the way for winning the litigation.

Precise expert opinions that take into account trial practices and appeal practices

Our attorneys at law and patent attorneys have extensive experience in patent infringement litigation and invalidation appeals that allows them to provide precise, competent expert opinions. In addition, we also provide advice to develop strategies for enforcement, defense, avoidance, etc. that take into account the results of the expert opinion. We also perform invalidity searches in relation to patents of other companies as a follow-up service.